Wee Hearts A Lil Dash'll Do Ya

CH Wee Hearts Can't Touch This
Am/Cn CH Chriscendo Western Express
Am/Cn CH Emcee's Sparkling Chip
CH Chips Of Diamond
Emcee's Sparkling Hot Tamale
Cn CH Chriscendo Chatelaine
Am/Cn CH Millamor's Rock Medallion
Mercer's Melodee Touch
Wee Hearts Run For The Roses
Wee Hearts Teakie Too Too
Lennis' Teakie Too
Wee Hearts Happy Sugar Smack
Wee Hearts Funny Valentine
CH Silva Lade Midnight Caper
Elks Brandy Likker
CH Wee Hearts Miss Hannigan
CH Texun's Lone Star
CH Tomboy's Pico Chico
CH Sunray's Gold Gems President
Gold Gems Shannon M'Lady
Zachary's Lady Sheba
Gold Gems Itsa Texican Tiger
Taffy's Candy Buffet
Wee Hearts Almost Paradise
Wee Hearts Different Drummer
CH Lennis Rain Maker
Timstopper Deby Kay
Lennis' Luv-A-Prima Vista
Maple's Pom Boy
Maple's Lassie Sue

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